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Some Effectsof Natural Indigo Dyes On Grey Hair

Indigoferratinctoria L. (IT) and BaphicacanthuscusiaBrem. (BC) are source of blue colourant which contain 3% of indigo measurement by UV spectrophotometry. Grey hair treatment with IT or BC diluted in water for 1-5 h and then randomly sampled to be analyzing with hair tensile by texture analyzer. Young�s modulus of each stress, showed grey hair treated with IT or BC liquid concentrates slightly altered the Young�s modulus of the hair. Hair elongation after treated with water was 39.5 � 5.9 g while those treated with IT and BC concentrates being 31.1 � 2.8 and 35.5 � 4.7 g. IT was significantly different from BC and water (p = 0.04).The adsorption profiles of indigo by the grey hair follows the Freundlich equation, i.e. linearly correlated for indigo and IT solutions (r ≥ 0.96), suggesting that the adsorption could be a result of monolayer. IT and BC are natural extract from plant show effect on grey hair. This study would be a model of study to investigate effect of natural dye on hair. Keywords� Indigo, UV spectrophotometry, Young�s modulus, Adsorption.