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Causes and Factors Associated with Domestic Violence in Pakistan and Policy Framework Recommendation for its Prevention

Domestic violence is highly prevalent in Pakistan. This paper particularly emphasizes on the causes, correlations of this delinquency, and how the policies should be formed for the prevention and control of domestic violence. The factors associated with domestic abuse include women's low level of education and empowerment, little or no political participation, misuse and misunderstanding of interpretation of religious teachings, and prevalence of dowry system. The paper sheds light on the literature on this matter, global and local statistics of violence on women, and finding of many researchers about violence and related topics. In the end, the paper proposes the recommendations, such as awareness programs through both government and religious scholar partnerships, to rectify and highlight the issues of domestic violence that are on the rise against women. Keywords - Domestic violence, abuse, Pakistan, Causes, Factors associated with domestic violence, dowry