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Fiction of The Minorities in The United States: Khaled Hosseini’sand The Mountains Echoed and The Afghani Crisis of Identity

It is interesting to note that certain talented writers belonging to minority groups in the United States have seen it their duty to reflect in their writings the economic, social and psychological problems that they are obliged to encounter. Since they are either treated not in the same way as the natives are or pushed to believe that they are by no means a part of the mainstream and thus must be set apart, those people remain facing their nightmarish reality which often ends in their final breakdown and suicide or their protective retreat to their past, which is, ironically, ugly and unsupportive. The Afghan-American novelist Khaled Hosseini (1965- ) is telling in his novels the experiences of his tormented heroes and heroines while living abroad, along with the bitter sense of loss against which the past is often relived and,sometimes, relished.The early experiences that the heroes of Hosseini’sAnd the Mountains Echoed (2013) prefigure the later identity crises by which each of the central characters is haunted. This paper intends to basically discuss why Hosseini’s figures have to suffer (particularly spiritually). Is it just because of their Afghani legacy they are obliged to carry with them abroad? Are their cultural identities solely determined by external influences that deny them free will? Are their problems cultural or personal based? The paper tries to discuss such points in its four parts, including the introduction and the conclusion. Keywords - Identity, Literature, Fiction, Minorities, Alienation, Crisis, Memories, Afghan-American, Agony