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The Development of Active Learning Tactics Affecting to Learning Outcomes and Reflections Among Undergraduate Learners: A Case Study of Research for Learning and Social Development Course

The research objectives were to; 1) develop active learning tactics on research for learning and social development course, 2) investigate learners’ learning outcomes and reflections on the active learning, and 3) investigate learners’ learning achievement and opinions on the active learning. This study was the research for teaching and learning development. The 20 students in the Bachelor Degree Program of Education were the target group in this study. The research tools were learning outcomes and reflection forms, learning achievement tests, and scoring rubrics. Data were analyzed with both of qualitative and quantitative methods. The research results revealed that; 1) there were 6 active learning tactics on the subject matters of research for learning and social development integrating with contents in 5 topics, 2) the students learnt problem solving thinking, critical thinking, analytical thinking, making the opinions, knowledge sharing, direct experiences form doing research, writing research report, research presentation, and communication skills, and 3) the learning achievement scores of students were at high level and the students’ opinion on active learning was at very high level. Keywords - Active Learning, Learning Outcomes, Teaching and Learning Tactics