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Differentiating of TTL to USB Device on Raspberry Pi 3 base on Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint scanning technology is another popular technology and is used with devices such as payment, door access, phone unlocking, and identity verification, etc. Currently, IOT devices are popularly used in a variety of ways. And to connect to different sensors, may require a converter to find out the conversion speed of the fingerprint scanner, we will conduct a research project called Differential TTL with USB devices on the Raspberry Reader base. We will use a fingerprint sensor to connect to Raspberry Pi by connecting via a USB to TTL converter to connect. The objective of this research is test speed to connecting through the USB signal translator to TTL with fingerprint scanning on Raspberry pi 3. Keywords - Differentiating of TTL to USB Device on Raspberry pi 3 base on Fingerprint Reader, Fingerprint Sensor