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The Effect of Team Work on Reducing Manufacturing Costs and Increasing Productivity

The effect of team work on reducing manufacturing costs and increasing productivity Abstract Nowadays, there are many shreds of evidence in the various societies about the significant success of the workgroups. Many of these organizations have also undertaken activities in the form of working groups following these experiences. The results demonstrate that some organizations have failed to perform group work or, at the very least, have not achieved the vital needs of the group. Over the years, the benefits of teamwork have examined by several organizations. Consider that studies of the Army Corp of Engineers Group, Project Management Institute, and Construction Industry Institute are the basis of this research. Basically, cost growth and program development are two areas that are improved by team building. In this paper, complete statistical and graphical analysis to examine the effect of team building on cost growth and program growth, and the project steps and statistical cut for each of the contractors and stakeholders have investigated. Construction companies should promote, measure, and evaluate the effectiveness of their teams to ensure that the construction team is successful and productive, and we believe that the project team creation would be efficient and project results would be more than productivity standards, which is a consequence of effectiveness. The relationship analysis between the process of teambuilding and the decline in cost growth and program growth provides decisive support for the implementation of the process on construction projects, although the results of specific projects are not always supported, the overall trend shows that each two budget overflows and program deviations, could be reduced by teamwork. Achieving project success has also been a challenge for project owners in public sector organizations. For instance, ambiguity about the difficulties of the project and also identifying certain related factors. We believe in the effectiveness of the creation of a project team on a project, and the results demonstrate more productivity than production standards. Therefore, it increases productivity. Additionally, for construction teams, knowing about the factors affecting the team's effectiveness in construction projects is necessary. Finally, the purpose of this study was to determine the role of team effectiveness in construction project teams in the overall performance of the construction project. Keywords - Effectiveness, Productivity, Teamwork, Cost decline (Cost reduction), Construction