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Evaluation of Targeted Fraud Strategies on Vulnerable Individuals of Developed Nations

The aim of this study is to analyze the different methods in which cyber criminals perpetrate their fraudulent acts on vulnerable individuals of developed nations. The set objectives of the study are to identify different strategies used to defraud vulnerable victims of developed nations, collect data from cyber criminals and victims via Google forms (questionnaires) and to analyze the data using statistical package for social sciences. Primary data were collected for the study from primary source using Google form (questionnaires). The data where then analyzed using spread sheet package. The data collected were based on the types of strategies used in targeting vulnerable individuals , benefits of the illicit acts, continents where they operate from, reactions after successful fraud, why victims fall prey to the scams and what will make fraudsters quit fraud. These parameters were used as an input in the analysis stage for the study. Recommendations and certain measures which will help individuals in avoiding being a victim of cybercrime were proposed. Keywords - Computer, Credit Card, Cyber Crimes, Fraud, Hackers, Identity Theft, Impersonation, Romance, Scam, Vulnerability.