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The Future Of Ramjet And Scramjet Engines In Commercial Operations

Ramjet engines are a type of advanced air-breathing jet engines where ignition starts at supersonic speeds only. This means the aircraft cannot operate at lower speeds and needs assist take-off operations to fly efficiently. Scramjet is a supersonic combustion ramjet, an even advanced variant where both ignition and combustion occurs at supersonic speeds. Ramjet and scramjets are very efficient at supersonic and hypersonic speeds respectively. However only secretive military projects such as the fifth generation stealth multirole fighters or prototypes such as NASA X-43 are the only operational hypervelocity aircrafts currently. But there is a lot of potential and room to accommodate the use of ramjet and scramjet engines for commercial and civilian aircraft transport. This paper deals with the possible ways of commercializing a ramjet engine for civilian jet transport. It also mentions the ways of modifying a ramjet engine to handle commercial operations i.e. manufacturing a commercial variant of the military ramjet engines and prototypes. The paper also includes theoretical explanations for the same and an analysis of how could an operational supersonic or hypersonic aircraft engine model will look like in a commercial variant.