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Exploring the Efficiency of Urban Agriculture as a Strategy to Enhance Township Economies

The main aim of the paper is to explore the efficacy of urban agriculture as strategy to enhance township economies. Literature shows that urban agriculture provides income and food which plays an important role in the livelihoods of urban farmers and it contributes towards township economy. Despite the importance of urban agriculture, there are challenges that hinder the efficiency of urban agriculture in its quest to enhance township economies.To explore the efficiency of urban agriculture in township economies, semi-structured interviews and case studieswere adopted to collectthe necessary data and thematic content analyze as a tool was employed to analyze data. In terms of the findings, urban agriculture is understood as both entrepreneurship and income generation strategies, which contribute to the economic development of the local municipality. Moreover, to shape agricultural business skill to farmers the uMhlathuze Local Municipality organized workshops that helped with the agricultural and business skills of the community members. In addition, the paper found that there was a strategy used to market the agricultural produce. This strategy include sell the products directly to the customers or selling from door-to-door helped in building mutual trust between the sellers and the buyers. Keywords - Urban Agriculture, Township Economy, Neoliberalism, Scaling-Up, Qualitative