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Christian Sectarians and Russian Empire’s Policy of Acculturation

This research is about features of a policy of acculturation for Christian sectarians in the territory of Orenburg region of XIX – the beginnings of the 20th centuries. The purpose is to study a question on the basis of primary sources from the local archive. The government sought to provide stability in the Orenburg province and incorporation of the region in the structure of the Empire by means of acculturation policy. This policy concerned not only the Muslims living here but also Christian sectarians. The factor complicating work of the Orthodox Church with sectarians in the territory of the Orenburg province was her status of the territory in large quantities accepting immigrants among whom sectarians have been presented in a large number. The research is executed at the expense of a grant of the Russian Science Foundation (project No. 17-18-01008) in the Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Keywords - History of acculturation, Identity, Christian sectarianism, Russian Empire.