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Innovative English Language Acquisition Through Problem- Based Learning in Malaysian Polytechnic

Problem-based learning is a student centered approach that has been implemented in a number of higher educational institutes around the world. Problem-based learning is the program of learning and teaching process which has so many advantages in usage. One of the primary motivating influences of PBL is derived from the fact that problems are based on real-world situations or events. Problem-based learning incorporates innovative teaching and learning methodologies that are relevant and allows students to learn how to analyze the problem given and share classroom knowledge into practice. The educator acts as a facilitator and resource person to whom students can come to for advice or guidance. This paper aims to share experiences in teaching English language class using Problem-based learning method. This paper also has shownthat PBL is a promising approach in teaching language and approaches creativity, critical thinking and team working among students. However, the educators using this approach will face multiple challenges when implementing PBL and have to create and adapt effective strategies to successfully mitigate the challenges. Keywords- Creativity, Critical thinking, Innovative teaching and learning, Problem based Learning.