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Literary Canon Revisited: Images of Remote Countries in the Literature of Central and Eastern Europe

The present paper focuses on new perspective of literary canon of the literature written in English and offers an analysis of the genesis of the view of Canada in émigré/diaspora literature of Central and Eastern Europe’s long-silenced and neglected authors. The corpus includes Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Croatian authors. Their experience and perception of Canada, as I try to show, varies according to the reasons that brought them to Canada. It also, however, changes across decades: the pre-1989 authors focused more on physical descriptions, whereas more recent post-1989 and especially the “internet-era” authors willingly withdraw from such a didactic aim and tend more towards sharing experience. The aim of the research is to point out the importance of attention paid to traditionally marginalised voices in literature. Keywords - Canada, “Maple Leaf”, Identity, Diaspora, Émigré, Immigrant Literature