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Appraisal of NABARD’s Refinance Assistance in India - Reference of Rural and Agri-Commodity Developments

This research article mainly focusing on the refinancing performances of NABARD in India. NABARD is an Apex body which established for the purpose of agriculture and rural developments in India. NABARD is providing refinance assistance to all commercial and cooperative banks. This research mainly analyzes the refinancing performance of NABARD since 1983. The analyzes were classified into three terms, namely, agriculture, rural and other agriculture developments. Here, the growth rate and trend pattern and success performance were identified in scheme wise. Out of the three parameters of the analyses, IRDP/SGSY scheme was identified as one of the not success full schemes operated by NABARD. And suggest that, NABARD, try to give financial assistance to farmers and entrepreneurs directly. Keywords - NABARD, Refinance assistance, Agriculture and Rural Development, growth rate, trend analysis