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The Variation Between The Proportions of Egg External and Internal Traits in Four Species of Birds

This experiment was conducted in the Department of Animal production/Faculty of Agriculture / University of Sulaimani, to study the characteristics of internal and external eggs, as well as the proportions of egg components for four species of chickens (domestic chicken, quail, turkey and guinea chicken). A total of 291 fresh eggs were collected for four species from the local farms and includes 99,99,48, and 45 eggs of chicken, quail, turkey and guinea fowl, respectively. The Vernier was used to measure the external egg traits and the sensitive balance was used to measure the egg weight and its components. Highly significant differences were observed in all the egg proportions between the four species. Guinea fowl had the highest shape index followed by quail, chicken and turkey, and being 79.03, 78.80, 75.01, and 73.01, respectively. Proportion of yolk to the total egg weight was highest in guinea fowl 38.60%, while quail, chicken, and turkey, 36.15 %, 28.69 %, 28.37 % respectively. Chicken had the largest proportion of albumen 61.68 % followed by turkey, quail, and guinea fowl 61.36, 54.81, and 44.16 respectively. Guinea fowl had the largest proportion of eggshell 17.24 % followed by turkey, chicken, and quail, 10.27, 9.63, and 9.04 respectively. The ratio of Y/A was high in guinea fowl 0.93, followed by quail, chicken, and turkey, 0.69, 0.47, and 0.46 respectively. It could be concluded that there were statistically significant differences between the birds in their egg proportions of the components, which help to characterize the egg birds. And also the result used to help breeders to make long selection plan. Keywords - Egg, Internal and External Traits, Proportion