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Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis in Onion (Allium cepa L.)

The experiment was carried out at station of agriculture research, College of agriculture, Kirkuk University, during the fall growing season (2017/ 2018) to study the correlation and path coefficient analysis in some local genotypes of onion which were onion (Bevassspy, Sinjary, Deralock, Bevaszour, Baashiqy, KaniKomani(1), Bayasybevas and KaniKomani (2). The result indicated there was significant in all traits excepted the number of leaves per plant, fresh and dry weight per plant. Whoever, there was a significant positive correlation phenotype between the yield with the number of leaves per plant(0.441), leaf area(0.262), total leaves area per plant(0.501), the percentage of bolting(0.631), and with percentage of N. (1.010). In the other side there was a significant positive correlation between the total yield with traits excepted with percentage of double bulbs and P. Conclusion - The result showed that the path coefficient analysis for the traits was higher direct and indirect effect on the yield. Keywords - Path Analysis, Correlation, Onion , Total Yield.