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To Study University Smart Campus to Matching Requirements of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Education Case Study: ‘Al-Madinah International University MEDIU’

Cyber-physics system is combination of physics with cyber components potentially networked and interconnected devices, individually any of these would have a large impact. together, it is a perfect storm of change, Cloud computing uses remote servers to store, manage and process data for faster processes, 3D printing lab, robotics and IoT lab in smart University, Augmented reality is impact smart classroom to allow student to study theoretical subjects with interaction in 3D data, Big data can determine future actions and improve evaluation and analyzing and cyber Security protects smart campus most valuable data, Internet of things IoT which connected internet to machine to send, receive and process data, Simulation ideal for training university staff and scenario planning, Autonomous systems program machinery and robots to act autonomously, Therefore, the 4.0 IR makes a University interoperability which is machine, devices and people connect and communicate with one another. The aim of this study is to propose conceptual model of smart university campus and smart education based on new method of teaching and advance technology and identify the main distinctive features, components, technologies and systems of smart university, the qualitative study andinterview shows that the five academic programs from information Technology faculty and Business faculty small percentage of IR 4.0 areas are included in the curriculum used nine pillars of cyber-physical systems. Keywords - IR 4.0, Smart Education, Iot, Cybersecurity, Smart Classroom, Smart Services.