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Electroless Plating of Electrum on 3D-Printedam-Lpbf Alsi10mg Parts

The current study presents a method for surface finishing of Additive Manufacturing Laser Powder-Bed Fusion (AM-LPBF) of AlSi10Mg parts by electroless deposited (ELD) of electrum. Such a coating improves electrical and thermal properties or may be applied according to esthetic considerations. ELD is relatively simple method to produce thin metallic films on conductive and nonconductive surfaces. Electrum was deposited for the first time on AM-LPBF AlSi10Mg 3D-printed specimens, at temperaturesof 80 and 90 oC. The specimens were successfully coated with electrum and were characterized by various techniques.The mechanism of Au-Ag alloy formation was studied based on the XPS analysis as a function of the temperature and metal concentration. At low temperature the Ag was dominant at the beginning of the deposition process, while at 90 oC the Au was firstly detected on the interface. This effect was explained by electrochemical properties of alloying metals and the binding energies needed to form Me-Ni and Au-Ag bonding. The developed surface finishing process can be used for various applications. Keywords - Additive Manufacturing; AlSi10Mg alloy; ELECTROLESS Plating; Electrum; Laser Powder-Bed Fusion.