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Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Enhance Medical Sales Representatives’ Happiness: A Case Study of Pharma Bu 1 Team in D Pharmaceutical Company

This study is applying Appreciative inquiry to enhancemedical sales representatives’ happiness of Pharma BU1 team in D pharmaceutical company. The study is based on an action research method with the purposesto discovery the positive working experiences and the wayto enhance medical sales representatives’working happiness. The tools used in the research were 4-D Model of Appreciative inquirywhich consist of 4 step processesare discover, dream, design and deliver. The positive inquiry was conducted to understand the participants’ positive experience at work e.g. impression, pride and work strengths. In-depth interview was used as research tool to collect data from 20 participants in Pharma BU1 team, including 6 managers and 14 medical sales representativesto find out positive experiences at work to determine desired factors influencing positive job satisfaction.The analysis of convergent and divergent data was used along with SOAR analysis and PERMA Model to identify the critical factors to be included in an effective guideline aiming to increase the happiness and job satisfaction.The results found that medical representatives of Pharma BU1 teaminD pharmaceutical company have shared the areas of well-being and happiness psychology cover all 5 elements of PERMA Model, including Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. Although the employees have overall happiness at work due to the results of empirical evidence, but the level of each element may vary among individuals.According to the results, the design of guidelines can be proposed to increase employees’ happiness at work as the following projects; 1) Team building 2) Team Buddy 3) Executives monthly meeting 4) Success story 5) Promote senior medical representative position 6) The STAR program 7) Family activities with team 8) Merit making project. Keywords - Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Working Experiences, Enhance Happiness, Medical Sales Representatives’ Happiness.