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Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Application on Modeling of Glass/Epoxy Composites for Drilling Operation

In this study, machine learning algorithm performed for modelling of drilling operation on Glass/epoxy composites. This material uses several industrial applications especially it has crucial for defense industry. In this sector, one of the most widely used manufacturing methods is the drilling process. Thus, thrust force and moment on drilling operations was modelled by using ANFIS method. Input parameters of model are cutting speed, feed rate and the ratio of carbon nanotubes. The results show that force and moment could be modelled by ANFIS. Training errors for force and moment are both lower than 1e-6 and checking (validation) errors are 0,363765 and 0,369569, respectively. Keywords - Drilling, Glass/Epoxy Composite, ANFIS, Optimization