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Artificial Intelligence for Business: Opportunities and Challenges

AI technology is still in its infancy and many of the technologies we call as AI today may not be AI of tomorrow. AI is destined to disrupt almost every industryand revolutionize our lives. This paper explores how AI technologies are disruptive and how they are impacting our lives, withthe associated opportunities and challenges. We are currently living in the era of weak AI, and strong AI and super AI are things of the future. AI is helping the businesses to remain competitive by redefining its business processes by maximizing personalization and automation and minimizing redundancy. AI applications open big opportunities in personal technical support, customer experience, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, automotive industry and software development. It is expected that AI will be the major driving force in the fourth industrial revolution. There are many challenges preventing the widespread adoption of AI technologies such as fear of job loss, data privacy and security issues, provability issues, algorithm bias, data scarcity, and trust issues.As thebenefits outweigh the limitations significantly, AIwill soon find its place in this world. Keywords - Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Technology Disruption.