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External and Group Validation of Indonesian Interest Test With Its Psychological Component

Indonesian Interest Test was an origin test from Indonesia to help university majoring for high students. It based on higher education study programs in Indonesia, it had 24 interest components. The purpose of research was to conduct external and group validity for its psychological interest component. Attitude toward of social sciences subject scale as external criterion and medical faculty students as group validation. The subjects of research were the new students of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences-University of Jambi was consisted: Medical, Nursing, Public Health and Psychology. There was a positive correlation psychological interest of IIT with Sociology subject scale rxy=0.176 (p=0.001; p<0.01; N=470) and there was no correlation with Economics, History and Geograpics. There was a difference among four study programs in psychological interest F=18.88 (p=0.001; p<0.01). Psychology students had the highest score (M=11.60; SD=8.13) and Medical students had the lowest score (M=5.62: SD=5.713). The test could be used for high school majoring, university majoring, and validation of other tests. The next research to conduct validation with academic achievement and learning satisfaction. Keyword - Interest, Correlation, Validity, F Test