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Blue Ocean Strategy Investigation as a Formulation of Competitive Strategies on Small and Medium Small Businesses

Currently, the community in general is competing to promote the creativity of each individual to change the mindset that previously only wanted to be a worker / employee to become an entrepreneur who is able to open jobs and also be able to provide benefits for himself or others. With so many natural products that can be produced from Indonesia and also people who are urged to be creative, the Indonesian people have been able to modify some of these natural products into a secondary need for other communities. One of Indonesia's natural products that has an important role is Onions, which every culinary and cooking activity of the Indonesian people always uses onions as cooking spices or complementing the taste of cuisine. This opportunity is put to good use by the Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) fried onions in Kotalama, Malang City for a long time, making the residents of the area familiar with the production and manufacturing activities of fried onions. In an effort to develop an existing SME business, fried onions in the poor city of Malang have constraints in increasing their business. Constraints that exist are generally the same as those of all MSMEs in general such as market, capital, producing and personal constraints. In order to anticipate and resolve problems that arise, it must be known in advance the right way and in accordance with attention to the existing environmental situation both internal and external environment. This study intends to provide advice to entrepreneurs of the Malang City Kotalama Onion business to be able to use the Blue Ocean strategy as an alternative way to be able to compete and also analyze the difficulties that may arise during the process of implementing the strategy. The data in this study were analyzed qualitatively, namely primary data obtained from interviews and observations at locations which can then be followed by internal and external analysis translated into the SWOT analysis. And secondary data in the form of theory, definitions and substance obtained from various literatures. The purpose of this study is 1) To find out and analyze the position of Kotalama Fried Onion SMEs on the EFAS and IFAS Matrix in determining the right strategy and can survive in competition. 2) In an effort to win Kotalama fried onions in business competition which results in a new sales strategy using the Blue Ocean Strategy approach. Based on the Initial Strategy Canvas, it can be seen that there are still some very strict attributes. This matter must be considered by Kotalama Fried Bawang SMEs to stay away from competitors so that competitors do not approach or are much better than us. The strategy can be carried out with product innovation and appropriate technology in processing Fried Onions. Keywords - Micro and Medium Enterprises, Fried Onions, Blue Ocean Strategy