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A Stylistic Survey for Aleksander Xhuvani’s Unpublished Work “The Beginning of the Stylistics and the General Literature”

Stylistics is one of the later sub disciplines of the Albanian linguistics. The work “The beginning of the stylistics and the general literature” is the first work in this field and is written on September 17th 1918 up to February 20th 1926 from the linguist Aleksander Xhuvani. This work is found in the form of handwriting of 484 pages in file number 24 of the State Main Archives. Because of his formation and profile did not separate the linguistic stylistics from the literature stylistics. We will study the resources of the literature illustration in this handwriting; The vertical aspect of the study (years and the others included during the illustrations); The author’s aspect (whose author is preferred for illustrations); The geographical aspect (does he like Elbasan or other places too?); The translated literature (did he illustrate with examples from the Italian, French, English etc.); The spoken literature (did he use the folk in prose or poetry?). Keywords - Literary Illustrations, Literary Stylistics, Linguistic Stylistics, Stylistics.