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Use of IoT in Home Automation

Today, human being is the most developed and improved living being in the whole world. The main thing which carries human being into that type of improvement is, Technology. With the new inventions and explorations of technology, the whole world reach a huge technological improvement. Like that, the latest and emerging highly developed technology which was arrived to make people’s life easier is namely Internet of things .Internet of Everything is also the same. The Internet of Things (IOT) is consists of devices of computing which have their inter-relationships with each other.Smart governance,smart education ,smart agriculture are some of the ranges which the IOT can applied in Order to have an effective delivery services[1]. Smart home or smart house is building automation for a home. In this Home Automation System (HAS)main functions of a home such as climate, appliances, entertainment systems will be controlled. A home has technology based tasks and they will be automated by this technological solution. A home’s major tasks can be automated by using the above mentioned technology. This paper shows how the daily tasks of a home such as switching on the fan , lights ,Indoor and outdoor lights ,starting the alarm etc can be controlled or automated by using IOT. Keywords - Home Automation System , Internet of Things