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A Review of Machine Learning for DNA Sequence Classification

Machine learning is a data processing technique and it helps to make decisions, predicitions, classification and recognitions by using traning data. It is a subsection of Artificial Intelligence and do not follow any theory to do their tasks. Machine learning is used for different applications which are Agriculture, Computer vision, Gaming Industry, Linguistics etc. DNA Sequence Classification is one of its affected are in today. In here nucleic acid sequence and its order is determined in order to identifed the mutations, diagnose different diseases, recognise normal gene and abnormal gene etc. Machine Learning models of Convolutional Neural Network, Deepl Learing, Genetic Algorithm are used to this DNA Sequence Classification. This paper presents how the techniques of machine learning use to classify the DNA Sequence and issues of this process, applications of Machine Leraning and future implements to be done for enhancing this process. Keywords - Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Deep Learning, DNA Sequence Classification, Bioinformatics, DNA sequencing.