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Ellipsis in English

The present thesis explores ellipsis in English. Our main purpose is to investigate the types of ellipsis and to give the analysis the use of ellipsis in discourse. In modern stage study of syntax of a sentence and its semantics and pragmatics is of great importance. Understanding of ellipsis(linguistic, social and situational) is more actual than ever today. The comprehension of elliptical content depends on the context. Ellipsis cannot be originated from grammatical rules, the use of ellipsis in the context is pragmatic. They are sometimes called word omission or deletion. Deletions are normally implied by the context of situation. In the thesis we came to the conclusion that ellipsis is the omission of a word or a phrase, but distinctly understood by the context. Keywords - Elliptical Sentences, Complete, Antecedent, Situational Ellipsis, Omission