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“My Search for Fame and Fortune” or The Authorisms Swipe of Adrienne Kennedy´s “The Lennon Play: in his Own Write” Dramatized in Verbatim Kennedy & Kennedy 2008 Play: “Mom, How did You Meet the Beatles? A True Story of London in The 1960s”

Adrienne Kennedy and Adam P. Kennedy wrote MOM, HOW DID YOU MEET THE BEATLES? A true Story of London in the 1960s´ play (2008) by means of verbatim theatre, using their own persona as character to decry Kennedy´s expulsion of her original project of writing a play about John Lennon´s play, In his Own Writing. Commanding men, who ran London theatre business during the 60´s, such as Laurence Olivier, Victor Spinetti, Kenneth Tynan, or even John Lennon, author ofIn his Own write (1964) nonsense book acted White Supremacyaccording with the racism tendency palpable in the 60´s in London Citywith a hard contradiction between the public discourse they showed and their final acts the committed. I aim in this work to display how Adrienne Kennedy, not only was “dumped” from her own writing play project during her stance in London in the 60´s, but also how her authorship was swiped with the Greek ancient honourable funeral parlour of the prey. In the same sense, the present paper analyses the reasons why Adrianne Kennedy was disvalued, unconsidered and expulsed from a project in an act ofstakes and chauvinism.