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Developing A Decision-Making Model, Based on Multi Agent Systems, to Reduce The Impact of Skills Management on A Company’s Performance

Knowing and protecting a company’s identity depends more on its knowledge and know-how than on its product. Often, it is potentially able to do something else, basing its competitiveness more on what it knows how to do than on what it already does. Improving efficiency, managing skills, and ensuring the performance of a business by taking on the HR function is not simple and requires a distinction between strategic knowledge and skills. Today, businesses are guided entirely by the choice of skills versus strategic needs. Hence the need to design a decision-making model that will be key to good corporate governance. This work aims to develop a making decision system based on multi agent systems that provide a reference methodological framework consisting of a series of modules to help businesses and organizations to properly govern their skills and knowledge. Keywords - HR Function, Decision-Making System, It Governance, Mas, Skills Assessment.