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Innovative Solutions for Technology‚ÄźEnhanced Learning in Digital Fabrication Laboratories

The present paper illustrates research results of innovative educational approaches deployed by the Digital Fabrication Laboratory of Madrid-based CEU University (Fab Lab Madrid CEU) through the NEWTON project, a large European Union Horizon 2020 project which designs and support innovative solutions for technology-enhanced learning that are validated with diverse audiences, which include primary and secondary schools, institutes, universities and students with special educational needs. The NEWTON technologies involve virtual teaching and learning laboratories (virtual labs), augmented and virtual reality-enhanced learning, adaptive and personalized multimedia and multiple sensorial media (mulsemedia) delivery, gamification and remote access to Digital Fabrication Laboratories (Fab Labs). These technologies are used in conjunction with differentpedagogical approaches, including game-based, personalized and self-directed learning methods, as flipped classroom, online problem-based learning and e-practice testing. NEWTON also builds a management platform, called NEWTELP that allow learner and teacher interaction with content and courses and support dissemination of learning content to a wide audience. Keywords- Fab Lab, Technology, Education, Digital Fabrication.