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The Marketing And Commercial Applications Of New Interactive Visual Media On Traditional Tribes - A Case Study Of The Taking-Off-Shoes Community At Rinari In Majia Township

The project is expected to use interactive media and media narrative into the Rinari Taking-off-shoes Community at Wutai Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan (Kucapungane) with imagery and interactive visual planning as well as the original tribal industry experience for more tribal young people rebirth and recall. The Rinali tribe faces industrial rejuvenation, tribal rejuvenation, and home companion openness factors, the Rinali community is towards leisure management and regional agriculture, expecting to increase community output with Pingtung County Government’s related plans from the direction of capital, technology, and marketing. Through interviews, records, industry collaboration, tribal industry design training, traditional art reproduction, etc., from the perspective of media marketing, the possibility of new media in the promotion and activation with cultural memory in the community industry is expected. The project is assisted by design training. With the presentation of new media art, designed with image recording and interactive technology, a new tribal narrative will be presented. The purposes of this study are as follows. 1. Geographical reproduction and record at the Rinali community. Animated display, graphic design, physical indication, AR real application, etc. are used to reproduce the regional appearance of the old Kucapungane tribe. 2. Media marketing coaching for the community home companion industry. The first phase is to understand the practice and dilemma of the community companion home through field visits, life companionship, and life cooperation. The second phase is to assist community industries to be marketed with a new look through image production, microfilm shooting and narrative. In this study, we look forward to bringing back more young people to reproduce the tribal style so as to use the result on the use and trade-offs of the future community culture education. Besides, it is expected to pull out deeper tribal memories and look for cultural belonging and national identity on future Taiwan’s image design with different perspectives, visual media and video formats. Keywords - Virtual Reality, Visual Media, Traditional Tribes