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Analysis of using Ultrasonic Vibration on Ball-Swaging Process for Head Stack Assembly of Hard Disk Drive by Finite Element Method

This paper presents the numerical analysis of using ultrasonic vibration on the traditional ball-swaging process to reduce nonconforming parts in Head Stack Assembly manufacturing. In the current ball-swaging process, high excessive force (>305 N) from a motor through swage’s driver-pin could cause the damage to adjacent HGA boss hole and result in a nonconforming part. To prevent such damage, the reduction of the applied force magnitude is favorable. This study aims to determine the influence on the force in the ball-swaging process when applying ultrasonic vibration with amplitudes ranging from 1 – 6 µm. Finite Element Method was used in this study and carried out using ANSYS commercial software. The analysis showed that by applying ultrasonic vibration could reduce swage-force up to 53.96%. Keywords - Ultrasonic Vibration, Ball-Swaging Process, Swage-Force, Head Stack Assembly.