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Nail Fashion 4.0 Technology: A Case Study on the Stage-Gate Model

We now live in a high-tech world, where everything becomes smart. Smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart gadgets, etc. When internet of things (IoT) becomes internet of everything (IoE), every personal device, vehicle, home appliance, etc., connects with one other—forming an increasingly intertwined and interdependent mainstream network. In the game of capturing the largest market share and amassing the majority of profits, whoever is fastidious and instinctive to snatch a spot in IoE wins the throne. Along with Industry 4.0, we propose a “Nail Fashion 4.0” concept that we would like to make into reality. As one of the target innovation and entrepreneurship R&D product by Asia Silicon Valley, we developed an IoT nail printer called “Polishee”, designed for both businesses and individuals alike to use creatively and vicariously. The launch plan was developed based on the Stage-Gate Model, a reliable method used in different successful launch cases for our a preliminary marketing research and business models attracting newcomers with brand new models. Keywords - Innovation, IoT, Nail Fashion, Polishee, Product Launch, R&D, Stage-Gate Model