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Performance Difference between Unmarried and Married Female Employees at Garment Industry in Bandung, Indonesia

The garment industry is part of the third largest manufacturing sector in Indonesia and is one of the sectors that absorb the most labor. PT AG (Amanah Garment) is one of the leading garment companies in Bandung, West Java. The employees in a company commonly have diversity, either by ages, by gender, by marriage, by experience, and others. The major of employees in the garment industry are female. This study aims to investigate the performance differences of the female employee based on marital status in order to be used by Human Resource Development in creating the policy that supported the married female employees’ performance. Finally, this study indicates that the ability of married employees to maintain performance is far lower than that of single employees. This study also found that the performance of married female employees and unmarried female employees at PT AG still has overlapping work and are not in accordance with the company’ SOP. Keywords - Garment Industry, Female Labor, Marital Status, Performance Differences