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Study of KRAS Mutant Molecular Profile on Indonesian Colorectal and Lung Cancer Patients in Kalbe Genomics (KalGen)

Molecular profiling is the study of genetic and epigenetic characteristic of cancer biomarkers. One of the most prominent and characterized cancer biomarker is KRAS. Currently, there has been little information about KRAS molecular profile in Indonesian colorectal and lung cancer patients. In this retrospective study, 36 colorectal and 9 lung cancer DNA samples in possession of Kalbe Genomics (KalGen) were screened for KRAS mutation by the use of PCR and direct sequencing. KRAS mutation was detected on 16 colorectal and 8 lung cancer samples with the most frequent mutation type found respectively were G12D and G12C. Bioinformatics analysis was thus performed to these most frequent mutation types by Swiss Pdb Viewer software. We observe several conformational changes in KRAS mutant G12D and G12C. These changes comprised the change of Gln 61distance with γ-phosphate of GTP and the blockage of GTP from the cytoplasm by Tir32, Pro34, and the side chain of glycine (G12D) or cysteine (G12C) at codon 12. From this study, it can be concluded that the most frequent KRAS mutation type that cause conformational changes in KRAS protein collected from Indonesian colorectal and lung cancer patients respectively were G12D and G12C. Keywords - KRAS, Cancer, Mutation, Molecular Profiling