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Public Policy Based on Local Wisdom to Ward Off Violence in School

Nowadays the condition of school is highlighted by various parties with the emergence of some cases that occur in the school. Starting from violence, and other cases committed by principals, teachers and employees in school. Based on the results of research conducted by UNICEF (2006) in several regions in Indonesia shows that about 80% of the violence that happened to students is committed by teachers.In one research conducted by NGO Plan International and the International Center for Women's Research (ICRW) released in early March 2015, it shows a surprising fact about children violence at school. There are 84% of children in Indonesia experiencing violence in school. This number is higher than the trend in Asia by 70%. This paper will discuss about the implementation of public policy ward off violence in school. Furthermore, to know whether local wisdom would be able to become the basic for making the public policy to minimize violence in school. Public Policy is the process of policy-making by the government or stakeholders and having impacts to society. Local wisdom is the identity or cultural personality of a nation that make the nation can absorb and even cultivate cultures from outside/other nations into their own character and ability.Violence at school is an expression of physically or verbally that reflects on the act of aggression and assault of someone’s freedom or dignity which can be committed by an individual or group of people in the educational environment.Therefore, based on the above description, the author will discuss the correlation between public policy and local wisdom to ward off the violence in the school. Keywords - Public Policy, Local Wisdom, Violence, School.