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Landscape Design and Seaside Tourist Area Management for Community – Based Tourism Case Study Baan Bang Kate, Cha-am District Phetchaburi ProvinceQ

The purpose of this research is to design the landscape that conforms to the beach tourist attraction management for community-basedtourism. From study result, it is found that the community requires to develop Bang Kate beach to become community tourist attraction that is also managed by the community and connected to locals’ way of life such as fisheries, dried seafood, and seashell hanging mobile and much more. For the landscape design that conforms to the beach tourist attraction management for community tourism, it is found that developed landscape design is a landscape and security adjustment to support tourism which is not just only focus on decorations but also the secured, well-aligned landscape that conforms to the identity of locals’ way of life and covers in many aspects as follows; direction signs, maps, pedestal lightings, incident prevention, first-aids, secured parking area, and also tourist info center included. Keyword - Landscape, Beach tourist attraction, Community – Based Tourism