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‘Epistemic Virtues’ in Prophets’ Directives: A Dialogic Analysis

This paper is mainly dedicated to finding out the ‘epistemic virtues’ that are found in the ‘epistemic stances’ in some dialogues of some Prophets (Noah, Salih, and Shu’aib) with their people in Surah number seven in the Noble Qur’an, i.e., Al-a’raaf. The crucial focus is on their directive acts which, by and large, challenge the addressees’ ‘epistemic statuses’. Therefore, a dialogic analysis approach is adopted in order to mark these ‘epistemic stances’ which are basic constituents in the discourse of Prophets. Results assert the constancy and affirmation of ‘epistemic stances’ in Prophets’ virtuous directive utterances which are challenged by their unknowledgeable people’s responsive rejections. Keywords- Lord, Prophets, epistemic, Dialogue Analysis, Speech Acts, directives