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Validity And Reliability of Attitude Toward Biology Subject Scale

The purpose of study to conduct a scale Attitude toward Biology Subject: valid, reliable, practical, and useful. It used Charles Osgood’s attitude theory consisted of three components: evaluation, potency and activity. Semantic differential 1-7 format with 16 items were analyzed. The subjects of research consisted of high school students and medical faculty students. The goodness of fit showed KMO =0.932 and BTS LOS <0.001. Confirmatory factor analysis approved 3 components of scale, the high factor coefficient >0.,7 used for final scale, 3 item was selected for the final scale. Test parallel reliability showed coefficient of equivalency ρxx’=0.898 and internal consistency reliability GLB r=0.827. In convergent validity, There were a positive correlation with Attitude toward Math ρxy=0.320, Physics ρxy=0.359 and Chemistry ρxy=0.409 (p=0.000<0.01; N=893). In discriminant validity, there were no correlation with verbal reasoning ρxy=0.0650 (p=0.088<0.01; N=694). In group validity, there was a difference between Medical and Psychological Student W=16932; p=0.000; p<0.01. Medical student had a higher score (M=18.481; SD=1.960; N=206) than Psychology student (M=16.7301; SD=2.701; N=117). In concurrent validity, there was a positive correlation with Health Sciences Interest ρxy=0.173 (p=0.000<0.01; N=461) and National Examination Point in Biology rxy=0.204 (p=0.040p<0.05; N= 102). The scale could be used for learning evaluation, research, high school majoring, university majoring, and validate new test. The scale had high level of validity, good reliability, practical and useful. The next research to conduct a predicitive validity with length of study, learning satisfaction and GPA at university student context. Keywords- attitude, factor, validity, Spearman Rho, reliability