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The Influence Of Green Supply Chain Management On Business Performance Of Electronic Industry In Thailand

This empirical study aims to explore the green supply chain management (GSCM) of the electronic industry in Thailand and analysis the relationship between GSCM implementation and business performance. 67 samples were collected from the firms, which joined in the Green Project ofMinistry of Industry. Multiple regression analysis is used to analyze the relationship between GSCM and business performance.The results of this researchhave shown that GSCM initiatives have strong positive impact on environmental and competitive performances. The results indicated that internal environmental management, green manufacturing, and green distribution have positively significant effect on environmental performance. Moreover,internal environmental management, cooperation with customers and green distribution have significant effect on competitive performance. However, green manufacturing and green distribution was found to have positively significant effect to economic and operational performance. This study have proofed that applying GSCM can improve business performance for electronic industry in Thailand. Keywords- Business Performance, Electronic Industry, Green Industry, Green Supply chain Management