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Environmental Aspect of Oil And Water-Based Offshore Drilling Muds And Cuttings

The offshore drilling process uses drilling fluids (mud) and generates waste fluids and cuttings. Drilling fluids used in offshore drilling operations are water based drilling fluids (WBF), oil based fluids (OBF) and synthetic based fluids (SBF). The wastes generated in the largest volumes during drilling oil and gas wells are drilling fluids and cuttings. There are several options to manage offshore drilling wastes: offshore discharge, offshore down whole injection and onshore disposal. In many parts of the world, some types of drilling fluids and drill cuttings may be discharged to the sea if they meet certain environmental requirements. The different drilling fluids, the ecological effects of drilling fluids and drill cuttings discharged from offshore platforms, and discharge standards are presented in this paper. Keywords- Offshore Drilling, Drilling Fluids, Waste Management, EU Standards