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Impact of School-Based Professional Development As A New Strategy for Teachers’ Development in Saudi Arabia

Started over a century ago the origins of Lesson Study (hereafter, LS) as a model of school-based professional development is traceable to Japan (Murata, 2011). The model, essentially, is a professional learning method that is based on collaboration amongst teachers, in order to improve their professional (as well as student) learning (Wood and Cajkler, 2017). LS has since become one of the most popular models used for professional learning for teachers globally (Warwick, et al., 2016). Similar to many school-based teaching models, LS accommodates the needs of teachers and helps to improve their teaching practices focusing on the development of their professional teaching and learning communities (Engelbrecht, Ankiewicz & Swardt, 2007; Gettly, 2002; Stoll et al., 2006). LS is also seen as an appropriate way of tailoring professional development both to the needs of the individual teacher and of the school. This paper therefore focuses on the use of LS as a school-based professional development strategy for teachers in Saudi Arabia. The poster is part of a bigger project that seeks to explore perceptions of teachers and principals about using LS as a model of professional development in Saudi Arabia.