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Challenges in Manufacturing and Applications of Paper Products

A challenge in manufacturing and endues applications of paper products is reduction of energy usage during manufacturing processes in press and dryer sections of a paper machine to efficiently remove water and moisture from the sheet to uniformly dry paper materials. However, some of the existing manufacturing process in press and dryer sections will create non-uniformities in temperature and moisture along the width of the paper machine. These pressure and heat transfer non-uniformities result in product quality issues because o thermal and mechanical stresses that are produced within the materials. We have developed a paper creep testerin our engineering laboratory to simulate deformation behavior of container board materials under the influence of functional loads and variable humidity environment that cause non-uniformities in these materials. The equipment has the capability for cyclic loading and allows for experimental analysis of sheet-like materials subjected to cyclic tension. A computer program in LabView was developed for data acquisition and control of cyclic loading. The system is being employed to train engineering students in fundamental principles related to mechanics, and product quality and energy issues related to paper industry. However, it can be employed for characterization of other types of engineering materials. Samples of linerboards were obtained from the paper manufacture and their deformation subjected to constant and cyclic loading were analyzed. In this presentation, energy and product quality challenges in paper products related to moisture and heat transfer non-uniformities during manufacturing, storage and end-use will be discussed.