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An Integrated Approach for Creative Community-Based Tourism Development

Recently, changes in consumer behaviours have led to several significant impacts across industries, including, tourism. The evolution of the tourism industry reflects multiple dynamic shifts with particular social characteristics. Tourists nowadays are in pursuit of a greater variety of experiences than ever before; thus, community-based tourism is becoming a-newly popular. This study reviewed the literature from, reports and, academic journals pertaining to community-based tourism and found that most examples involved community administration, participation, and sustainability development based on local economies, socio-cultural and environmental features, in which tourists are starting to participate in the co-creation of values with regard to the travel destination. Their intention is to become immersed in the local everyday life, be educated in the indigenous history, arts and culture. While many studies have focused on the consumer-side, most focus has been on consumer attitudes and satisfaction in terms of products, services and images, which may not reflect completely the tourist psychology. The objective of this research is to improve community-based tourism through qualitative study covering both demand side and supply side, composed of development of community-based tourism in addition to tourists’ creative experiences. Some challenges may exist todistinguish between creative tourists and general tourists. The study of concepts and theories related to creative tourism, creative experience and learning processes are crucial elements that help achieve the study objective of creative tourist experiences. In addition, the findings are expected to provide knowledge that can establish practical guidelines for community-based tourism development with greater effectiveness. Keywords - Community-Based Tourism, Tourists’ Experience, Creative Tourism, Creative Experience, Learning Process.