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The Role Of Industrial Designer In The Care Of Persons With Special Needs In Smart Cities

In the third millennium, the world tends to operationalize the concept of smart cities and transforming different cities into ones which have the capacity to coexist and interact with man. Alongside maintaining the environmental resources through the adaptation of new technologies in order to find the best ways to ensure the different and evolving needs. Thus we use those new technologies throughout different fields specifically in the medical field to meet the changing demands of man. The industrial designer plays a significant role in assuring the principle of smart cities through a set of products into all fields specifically in products offered for persons with special needs. Such products have been developed to harmonize them with modern trends. Those products have emerged globally to improve life quality for those persons with special needs and to integrate them into society. Therefore, to achieve United Nations convention relating to the welfare of persons with special needs which oblige signatory states, through section 2, 4 and 9, to the need of caring about their needs moreover to provide them with the best products and services. Features and parameters of smart cities should be applied in such products through using a little amount of energy during manufacturing or operating process and using nonpolluting materials. Also to take advantages of new technologies especially disruptive technologies in order to solve a lot of problems that face persons with special needs during their usage for different products or their abilities to coexist alongside raising many options for them that will approve their needs and desires. Keywords - Persons with Special Needs, Industrial Designer, Medical field, Smart Cities.