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Lean Assessment For Manufacturing Of Rubber Industry In The Northeast Of Thailand: A Case Industry Of Small And Medium Enterprises (SMES)

Lean assessment is created as a guide for the organization in their lean journey. Therefore, lean assessment is provided a baseline upon improved most importantly and referred on what to do. This research are aimed at assessing for manufacturing to order leanness of an rubber industry in the Northeast of Thailand: A case industry of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). There are 14 criteria of lean technique and tools. The value of lean assessment criteria was scoring system derived from the Malcolm baldrige national quality award, the two-dimensioned scoring system composing of the process including approach (A), deployment (D), learning (L), and integration (I) reveal operations of each of lean techniques and tools, and the performance classified 0 - 4 level. They needed to be improved in depth for each by followed ADLI and then would reflect level of operations requiring sustainable outcomes. Assessor bad been coming to sit and explaining 14 criteria to coordinator or production manager before he examined operations from a lean perspective and assessed the situation as prior. He taken a day to assess and discussed the lean assessment result with them. The finding of lean assessment was rubber industry have lowest of leanness comparing to other SMEs. Highest scoring of lean technique and tools implemented, that was line balancing. The SMEs will put a customized plan, training, designed to help make the improvements necessary to SMEs continuous improvement. Index Terms´┐Ż Lean Assessment, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Tools, SMEs.