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Application of Learning Community in Management Mathematics Course

This study applied flipped teaching in one semester of management mathematics course to discuss the difficulties encountered in the process, and proposed a continuous improvement plan through the action research model. After attending many flipped teaching lectures to improve the classroom teaching environment of the traditional educational thinking, the author attempted to improve the teaching model through the teaching method of flipped teaching and learning community. The first implementation did not achieve the expected effect, even some different opinions emerged immediately. Although the teaching method of group discussion was adopted after the explanation, there were still many items to be improved in the process. At the end of the semester, a questionnaire survey was conducted on the group discussion teaching method, and students also provided many opinions and thoughts on the implementation process, such as chatting in group discussion, unfair group scoring, etc.This article is to carry out a continuous improvement plan for the problems arising from the course of the semester, in which the feedback of the student questionnaire divided into four key points, namely, (1) the necessity of group discussion, (2) the scoring method, (3) the method of team member generation and other items were reviewed, and improvement plans were proposed, such as: reviewing that the classroom space arrangement to conformto the interactivity of the discussion space, introducing the topic design method of 3 stage-2 bridge to deepen the students' discussion strength, and changing the grouping method to increase the centripetal force of the team to solve the problems jointly. Index Terms - Continuous Improvement, Learning Community, Group Discussion, Management Mathematics.