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Comparison of Quality, Cost and Delivery Obtained Through Total Production Management

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is considered as an innovative maintenance management approach, which is complementary to Total Quality Management (TQM) and other standard global manufacturing practices. Therefore, to attain the required core competency, organizations are proposing to combine best practices like TQM and TPM. However, the idea of fit theory proposes that different best practices should be inspected in a single theoretical context so that the influence of combined implementation can be examined, considering their likely different influence on performance. Previous researchers have found that contextual variables and workforce influence performance parameters. Hence in this research, an attempt is made to combine the exogenous variables such as TPM, TQM, Human factor and contextual variables and studying their mutual influence on endogenous variables such as quality, cost and delivery. The variables are combined using System Dynamics modelling. The resulting analysis simulates the performance of the different production scenarios. This model addresses the issues related to 3M, i.e. manpower (both internal and external), machine and milieu of an organization. Hence this model is named as ‘Total Production Management’. This is a novel approach for production management developed in India, which supports the concept of ‘Make in India’. Index Terms - TQM, TPM, Quality, Cost, Delivery, System Dynamics