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Contribution of Goswami Tulsidas Poetry in Development of Human Values and Cultural Heritage

Goswami Tulsidas Poetry is a symbol of Human Values. One of his famous Epic is ‘Shri Ram Charit Manasa’. Each and every word of this poetry is based on truth, love and compassion. Shree Ram, the main character is a live symbol of truth, love, compassion and human values. He envisages equal treatment towards all the sections of the society by his deeds. Tulsi’s poetry enforces love at family, society, nation and world equally. His Poetry presents that Culture is not a symbol of rituals.The major aim of culture is improvement of inner conscience. Shree Ram Charit Manasa is a collection of the main elements of culture.The crux of culture is benefaction or charity. He proclaims that “Parhit Saris Dharam Nahi Bhai,Parpidasamnahiadhmai” which means that there is no religion in the world as charity and there is no worst sin than hurting(verbally or physically) someone.The spinal cord of Culture is ‘Satsang’- living with good people. He proclaims this by his quotes- “Binusatsang Vivekna hoi…..” which means’ without sacred gathering, wisdom or discretion cannot be achieved.’ “Satsangat mud mangalmoola” – which means – sacred gathering is the base of benediction. Apart from that Tulsi’s poetry explains that “the achievement of co-ordination is the main path of culture.” He enforces that religious, social and personal freedom is the main focus of culture but it should be used only for moving towards the philosophy of truth. The Hero of Tulsi’s poetry, Shri Ram always takes the path of truth. In this way Tulsi establishes ‘Philosphy of Truth’. This Philosphy of Truth is followed by Mahatma Gandhi(Bapu) in India’s freedom struggle. Keywords - Poet,Tulsidas,Culture,HumanValues.Language, Literature, Humanity.