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Investigating The Life Satisfaction Level Of Physical Education And Sport Students In Terms Of Different Variables

The purpose of the study was to investigate the levels of life satisfactions of students who study at school of physical education and sports and faculties of sport sciences in terms of different variables. In line with this purpose, subjects in the study were selected via random sampling method from students of Trakya University, Manisa Celal Bayar University and Pamukkale University. Totally 273 university students (114 female, 159 male) participated in the study voluntarily. The Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), which was developed by Diener et. al. in 1985 was used in the study to measure the life satisfactions of students who study at school of physical education and sport. The scale was adapted to Turkish by Yetim in 1993. Percent (%) and frequency (f) methods to determine personal information of participants and Shapiro Wilks normality test whether the data show normal distribution were used. Since the data was appropriate for non-parametric conditions, Mann-Whitney U and Kruskall Wallis tests were used to determine significant differences in the study. As a result, while the life satisfaction didn�t reveal significant differences regarding genders of participants, status of doing sport, age, department and classes, life satisfaction revealed significant differences in terms of the level of welfare of participants, efficiency of weekly free time and the status of having difficulty in making use of time at the level of .05 Keywords- Physical Education, life satisfaction, student, welfare status.