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Cyber Space And Security Tensions In Russia-Ukraine And Nato

This article focuses on the cyber tension between Russia-Ukraine and Nato. After the Ukraine Crisis in 2014 the relations between Russia-Ukraine and NATO has entered upon a new phase and the reflections of the 2014 Ukraine crisis on the cyber space has attracted the field of international relations.It is for that reason,through analyzing the increasing role of cyber space in the field of international relations; this article concentrates on Euromaidan protests and the cyber tension which arouse aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis. Consisting of three main parts : Cyber Space and International Relations, The Evolution of Russia-Ukraine-NATO Relations, Euromaidan and Cyber Berkut the article also deals with issues such as hegemonic identity and identity construction. Keywords- Russia-Ukraine Relations, 2014 Ukraine Crisis, Cyber Space, Hegemonic Identity, Indentity Construction